3 “R’s” of Successful Assisted Living Marketing

The success of assisted living, senior living and senior care are built on positive word-of-mouth that leads to qualified referrals. This creates a pipeline of new inquiries, tours/meeting and move-ins/clients…for some, those who encourage and drive the 3 R’s of marketing.


#1 – Recognition Of Your Name Is Only The First Step

I have found that many senior care providers strive for name recognition. And yes, it is important for prospects and referral sources to recognize your company name when they hear it, or when they see your logo. However, this is just the first level of success in the referral process.

“Oh yeah, I’ve heard of them. They’re over on…”

Better than being unknown, but not a ringing endorsement.


#2 – Remember Your Care Facility Name…at the Appropriate Time

It is critical for people to remember your company name and what you do…when it matters. The key to this happening is simple – make it easy to be remembered. Having a clearly defined target and message, serving a specific niche and offering innovative services that separate you from the competition are memorable.

“If you are looking for care for your Mom, you might want to give Oak Tree Assisted Living a call. I know they care with seniors who have vision problems.”

Now they are recalling your company at the appropriate time, then positioning and promoting your services, and sharing a bit of their credibility.


#3 – Rave About Your Care

Could also be Recommend Refer. Raves represent the highest level of marketing success. Now people are talking about you. Your targeting, positioning and innovative services give them the desire to mention you in conversation…or go even further by raving about and recommending your company and senior care services.

“If you are looking for care for your Mom, you have to give Maria at Oak Tree Assisted Living a call. She is so kind-hearted. And their facility is immaculate, the staff really goes out of their way to help everyone, and I know they have special services for seniors with poor vision.”


When people rave, they incorporate their opinion and value, along with your targeting, positioning and innovative services, into their conversation. At the same time, they are openly sharing their credibility with you and your facility.


Raves Start With Communicating High Value

Raves don’t happen by accident. They are earned.

However, many providers have trouble raving about themselves. When I ask “what makes you special?” care providers often hesitate and have to think about it. Then they often proceed to sound like other providers – we care, great staff, etc.

It a lot easier for people to rave about your care when you and your staff communicate to them what you do with clarity, specifics and passion. Do that and you have the foundation for building a fast flowing referral pipeline.

Note: We use the concept of Strategic Care to convey high value in words and actions. Here is a free Marketing Fundamental from our Senior Care Marketing Toolbox that further explains this concept:

Strategic Care – Communicate Your Value


Let Our Services & Systems Increase Your Raves, Move-Ins & Clients

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