2018 Assisted Living Marketing Starts Now


Take Advantage Of Holiday Fun To Launch Your Marketing Plan

You should have fun during the holidays, even when working. However, fun without purpose and strategy will cost senior care providers move-ins.

The period between Thanksgiving and the New Years is actually the start of the marketing plan for the 2018.  This allows senior care clients to use the holidays as a springboard that leads to more inquiries, tours, referrals and move-ins during the next 12 months.


Some Simple Recommendations To Get You Started

Marketing assisted living & senior care

Don’t assume that people will notice the value you intend. It is very important to CAPTION photos and videos to position value (as seen through the eyes of your target markets).

Our strategy is centered on the sharing of holiday memories, photos and videos through website updates, e-mails and social network posts.

However, it is much more than just snapping pictures for fun. The key is strategy. Choose items of interest to your target markets and have marketing value. (This is a talent you can develop with guidance and practice.) Here are a couple of simple recommendations to guide you.

  • Include staff and family members in photos with senior residents. They typically add “energy” to the scene. This promotes a more positive feel, especially when these are real situation photos, no waving at the camera.
  • If you are proud of your dining program, show residents enjoying a holiday or house specialty. And don’t forget to show staff members lovingly preparing the meals. If there are fresh ingredients, highlight those, too. And you may even offer to share the recipe.

Note: Residents and staff should have signed a photo waiver agreement so you can post their image.


Strategic Marketing Becomes Part Of Holiday Festivities

If you plan in advance and know what photos you would like to take, the process becomes part of the fun of the holidays. Memorable moments are captured. People start comparing and sharing photos.

Of course, once you have pictures, you then have to have a system to quickly add them to your website, post them to your social networks and share them with your three key lists. Plan for this and your effective 2018 marketing program will be off and running before the year even starts.

One More Note: This strategy also improves SEO which allows you to be “discovered” more often by those searching for great care.


Give Your Assisted Living Company A Marketing “Recharge”

Not thrilled with this year’s occupancy rate. We have a knack for building on your strengths, and tweaking what is not working so well. And we have new recommendations to add, as well.

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