Effective Assisted Living Websites Build In “Discovery”

Many People Prefer To Research Before They Call

Shopping, in general, has changed due to the presence and influence of the internet. Many assisted living and senior care providers have not adjusted to or taken advantage of this evolution.  For example…

A doctor recommends that your Mom should no longer live at home by herself for her own safety. The doctor recommends in-home care or assisted living. You ask the doctor if she can recommend a good facility.  She provides a facility name, a contact she knows and some promising compliments.  She encourages you to call.

You think, sure, right after I check them out on the internet. You Google their name, look at their website, check them out on social networks and look for reviews.  If you decide they are worth your time, then you will call.

Discovery - Senior Care Shopping

Even referrals from agencies and listing websites are often put through this discovery process before any call is made.


What Senior Care Shoppers Are They Hoping To Discover

Assisted living and senior care shoppers are definitely researching on the web. However, they are not looking for an expanded brochure.  They don’t want to be told you are great.

They are looking for more of an experience. They are looking for stories, endorsements and proof.  They want to uncover what makes you special.  This is were most providers come up very short.

Here are three things care shoppers are hoping to discover when they research a senior care company.

  1. Evidence – They want to see reality. They want to see real people involved in real life, not stock photos or empty dining rooms. They want to see, hear and feel what it is like to live at your facility and be cared for by your staff.
  2. New – They want to learn about what’s happened recently and about your current staff.
  3. History – They want to see “proof” of your senior care experience and expertise.

Provide these three things and you will receive more calls, schedule more tours and increase new clients.


Simple Ways To Make Discovery Easy On Your Website

It is critical to make it easy to add content and updates to your website. This is a real issue in the industry. Many providers do not have this ability, so their websites look good, but lack freshness and feeling.

For those who do have this ability, here are simple ways to add “discovery” to your website.

  • Caption real photos – Real photos and video snippets are essential. Adding captions allow you to highlight the strengths you want people to come across on their own.
  • Date and/or number entries – People will take notice and place higher value on your expertise when your recent Caregiver Tip is #24…and they can see the other 23 Tips listed.
  • Share all kinds of testimonials – These include videos, scanned cards and letters, copy/pasted e-mails and the links to reviews on other websites.
  • Include “What’s New” on your home page – Having links to your most recent Activity Scrapbook entry, Caregiver Tip and testimonial immediately communicates a vibrancy to first time visitors, and encourages return visits and followers.


Discovery Is Turned Into Excitement & Higher Value

When a person discovers something on their own (that they like), they take ownership. Their desire to purchase increases. They want to tell and show others, and they want others to agree with them. They envision how things will work out for them.

I recommend that you build discovery into your website to take advantage of human nature and how we make decisions.


Does Your Website Need A Marketing Infusion?

If you are not happy with the way your assisted living or senior care website is driving the buying/selling process, we will be happy to add discovery and other marketing strategies to your site that increase clients and revenues.

Or if you would like, we can start from scratch and give your website a fresh start. Just give us a call at (888) 213-5026.

If you just need help with interest, positioning, new content, I recommend our Monthly Marketing Toolkit.


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