Use Your Assisted Living Testimonials More Effectively


One Time Usage Syndrome

It is common in the senior care marketing – one time usage syndrome. Do things for a specific reason (an ad, or website, etc.) and move on.  No integration of efforts, no reuse of content, less effective use of talent and marketing dollars.

This is often true with testimonials.

I have experienced senior care providers receiving a very nice thank you card and putting it in a file cabinet. I have seen a testimonial video on a website not make it to social network pages and e-mails.  I have seen great on-line reviews never added to a website or highlighted in a presentation to family members with similar situations.


Making Testimonials Easier To Share

Senior Living Marketing -Testimonials

Senior Living Marketing – Testimonials

Testimonials build trust and have selling power…if they are seen. And the more they look like the real thing, the better. (Quotation mark testimonials are a last resort.)

Here are ways to make testimonials easier to share in formats that carry the most value.

  • Thank you cards and letters – scan so they are digital. Note: If the handwriting is hard to read, type the text below the image of the card.
  • On-line reviews – snip screenshots of internet reviews of all kinds – senior care listing websites and social networks. Even Facebook, Google and Yelp reviews should appear on your website. Note: Give credit to the review site source and include the link to the review.
  • Complimentary e-mails – snip screenshots of the e-mail and add an e-mail graphic of some sort to give it more visual appeal. Note: White-out sensitive information which can include e-mail addresses, phone numbers, last names, etc.
  • Videos – real chatting is more valuable than staged filming. Keep it simple, the more bells and whistles, the less authentic.


Recommendations For Using & Reusing Testimonials

Here are recommendations for using and reusing the kind words of others.

  • Website – Post all of the above on a testimonial page. Have the newest testimonial also on the home page, that links to the testimonial page. You can also embed testimonials on other pages and link to the testimonial page. Note: Social networks often allow you to automatically embed testimonials in your website – good and bad. Screenshots layout better and allow you to show just the cream of the crop.
  • Social Networks – Post on your social networks and link back to your website or the original source of a testimonial. Note: You can even post a testimonial from one social network on another social network.
  • Send testimonial links out in e-mails and texts to your 3 Key Lists.
  • Include testimonials in your storybook and notepad/notebook presentations.
  • Print and post on your “why families like us” tour stop.
  • Include in ads.

Note: To make sure you do not infringe on copyright, I suggest getting the permission of those providing the testimonial and including the link to the original source of a testimonial.


It’s Okay To Tell Us You Are Happy With Our Care

Senior care providers ask me all the time “how do I get more testimonials?” Asking is an option, but it is uncomfortable for most, including me.  (There are apps you can use to make the process of asking easier.)

I believe when people see testimonials, they are more encouraged to pass on compliments and write you a testimonial. You just have to have systems in place to receive, save and value the testimonials…over and over again.


Easily & Inexpensively Create Logical Reasons To Keep-In-Touch

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