Target An Under-Served Niche – Improve Assisted Living Occupancy


Lots Of “Generalists” Out There…Struggling

I have read a number of articles lately stating the occupancy numbers in assisted living are down. Does not surprise me.  When I research senior care on the internet, I see so many facilities saying the same thing (and even showing the same photos), targeting everyone – generalists.

Often driven by fear of not getting enough leads, what they are actually doing is increasing their competition and talking directly to a less people than the think they are. So of course occupancy numbers are going to be down.

It is time for the industry to start serving more niches, especially since there a number of niches that are under-served.


Yes To Alzheimer’s & Dementia, Why Not Other Ailments?

I don’t understand why senior care management can see the need and potential revenue of Alzheimer’s and dementia care, but seem to be blind to other niches in need of specific care and expertise. For example, they don’t give seniors with vision impairment a second look.  So this large population winds up with generic care that seldom provides dominant colors, even lighting and/or auditory cues needed to enhance the lives of those struggling to see.

And what about those with hearing impairments, or heart problems, or recovering from strokes, or arthritis. They are seldom provided care tailored to their needs.


Provide Arthritis Service/Care & Attract More Seniors

May is National Arthritis Awareness Month. How many seniors are challenged by arthritis? And how many facilities have specific services that attract and serve this huge market?

Our Senior Care Monthly Marketing Toolkit recently provided recommendations and content for developing innovative services and targeting this large service niche. Here is a copy (graphic) of the recommendations. I invite you to take it to heart for the sake of all those seniors who are hoping for better care…who can also increase your occupancy.



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