4 Keep-In-Touch Recommendations That Increase Senior Care Clients & Move-Ins


More Contacts – More Clients & Move-Ins

When I ask senior care professionals “if you keep-in-touch with more people, would you increase your move-ins and clients?” They all say “yes.”

Then why are many of them not keeping in touch with more people?

Typically, they do not have the necessary (easy-to-use) systems in place, they run out of time, or they don’t feel comfortable with the process – socially and/or technically.


4 Recommendations That Make The Process Easier

Here are four recommendations that create a better keep-in-touch environment for those providing senior care.

  1. Have “new” and “real” things to share. This creates a logical reasons to contact and makes the process more enjoyable for all.  Share Caregiver Tips, Activity Scrapbook updates, senior-issue newsettes, emotional videos, testimonials/reviews.  (Often, corporate management and/or technology creates barriers to adding new content.)
  2. Utilize an easy-to-use database/CRM. Make sure it offers the ability to group contacts into groups, create templates, easily e-mail to those groups, and autodial.  If you do not feel comfortable with the technology, get the necessary training to accomplish the necessary tasks.  (Or be willing to farm out the work.  It will pay for itself.)
  3. Create anticipation to kindly build your lists. To add to e-mail and text lists, show examples and highlight the value of your keep-in-touch program.  Then kindly “invite” new people you meet to be part of your program.  Now you have their permission to contact them and they are anticipating the value of your communications.  Also, take advantage of the follow and friend social network environment in the same way.
  4. Contact in their preferred manor. Some people prefer phone calls. Others, not so much. Your keep-in-touch and follow-up systems should have the flexibility to discover and adjust to the form of communication (phone, fax, mail, e-mail/text, follow/social networks) that is preferred by those you are contacting.

Senior Living Marketing=================================

Want To vs. Have To – Makes A Difference

It’s harder to contact someone (with confidence) when you don’t feel comfortable.

To make keep-in-touch as effective as possible, your heart has to be in it. Go beyond the “numbers” game and be driven by the desire to share your expertise, to help people make better decisions, and to make it easier for people (who already like you) to recommend your care.


Easily & Inexpensively Create Logical Reasons To Keep-In-Touch

Our Senior Care Monthly Marketing Toolkit is filled with resources (newsettes, Caregiver Tips, photos, links, text for social network posts and e-mails) that make your keep-in-touch efforts easier and logical. And you can put them right to work.

The Toolkit comes with a step-by-step, simple system to guide you and train your staff, along with fundamentals/strategy, marketing tips, checklists, and much more. And for a whole year, only $199 (less than $17/month).

For immediate access, just click on:

Senior Care Monthly Marketing Toolkit

Or give us a call at (888) 213-5026 and we will process the signup for you.


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