Senior Care Providers Need To Share More Good News


Are You The Bearer Of Bad News? Blah News? No News?

Think about it. As a family member, you get contacted when there is a problem with your senior loved one. (Bad news.)  You get contacted with invoices/statements. (Bad to blah news.) Or you are thrilled because you were not contacted. (No news.)

So what do you have to talk about?  Do you have good reasons to go out of your way to brag to friends about the care your loved one is receiving…and to make referrals?

It is common for providers do send out a newsletter, of which some are very well done, some pretty poorly done.  However, in this day and age, positive and informative contacts ought to be more frequent, should be more strategic, and can be more personal.


A Simple Way To Create Personal & Positive Contacts

Creating an Activity Scrapbook on your website makes your present (and your past) available for everyone to see…and follow, and share. The strategy is so simple.  Add an activity, such as music therapy, to your website.  It can be photos or videos, along with a positioning caption that highlights the program’s strength or benefit.  Show the therapist and seniors in action.  Make it fun, or educate, or highlight expertise, or all of the above.

Senior Care Referral Development

Then share the link with your Three Key Lists (this includes family members).

Note:  Scrapbooking dates back to the 15th century and is morphing in the 21st century with the creation of digital scrapbooks. (Scrapbooking History – Wikipedia.)


The Benefits Of Good News

“Good news” and positive communications provide benefits to:

  • Families – They are informed, feel good about choosing your care, and have the tools to easily share and recommend your care.
  • Facility – Your care, expertise and history are out there for everyone to see and discover.
  • The Industry – Senior care, senior living, assisted living and home care need all the positive positioning they can get.
  • Your Marketing – All this internet action improves your SEO and helps you appear higher in random searches.

If you have a good database, you can make the contacts even more personal by using names and even including a more personal message.  Take your marketing a step further and “invite” sharing it with family and friends.

I know in the senior care industry, you are often put in the position of sharing bad news with family members.  But that should not be the only news, or the always expected news.   Put a marketing program in place that shares all the good things you do.  It is a kind thing to do, it is very good business, and it will make you and your staff feel better, too.


Let Our Services & Systems Increase Your Move-Ins & Clients

Many providers (large and small) say, “I can do that.”  But then it doesn’t happen for a variety of reasons – lack of tools/systems, lack of time, not utilizing technology effectively, or they just run out of energy due to the demands of providing great care.

We know how to highlight good news and turn it into very effective, efficient marketing and new move-ins.  Would you like us to take an active role in developing your marketing strategy, adding consistency to your efforts and improving your census?  Just give us a call at (888) 213-5026.


Extra Resource For Marketing Toolbox Clients

For Marketing Toolbox clients, there is a Fundamental on building a strategic Activity Scrapbook.  Just click below, then type in your login and password:



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