Reality-Based Marketing Works For Assisted Living & Senior Care


Share Your Expertise Through Caregiver Tips

A simple way to attract seniors and their family members is to share your caregiving expertise. Caregiver Tips provide valuable information to your target markets while demonstrating your understanding and expertise.

Why is this great marketing? If a person is already are aware of and utilizes the suggestions in your Tip, then you are like-minded and in agreement. That’s great, a marketing advantage. If they are not aware of your suggestion, you are their new hero. Another marketing advantage. Either way, you win.

Plus, Caregiver Tips provide great reasons to update your website, post on social networks and contact your three key lists. And these processes improve SEO – search engine optimization.


Here’s A Sample You Can Use

Here is a sample of a Caregiver Tip. You have my permission to add your own photo to the left side of the graphic and use the caption.

Caregiver Tip # 17

Eating Habits Can Be Improved With Color & Contrast
Contributed by: Caregiver Maria

Assisted Living Marketing

The use of color and contrast can be beneficial to people with poor vision and/or cognitive issues. A Boston University study by Alice Cronin-Golomb, PhD. found that the color red can increase the intake of food and liquids, helping to maintain weight and hydration. The contrast of the red helps diners to recognize plates and glasses, as well as specific foods. We add a placemat of a lighter, solid color to make the plate stand out even more.


Add Authenticity, Magnify Marketing Advantages

Caregiver Tips can be photos or short videos, often of things clients do every day…and take for granted. I ask staff members for the things they do that save time, increase safety, add comfort, etc. That way I get Tips they use themselves, and I can attribute the Caregiver Tip to someone on staff.

With clients, I use real photos as much as possible so prospects will see faces that are familiar to them when they visit the facility. In addition, I always include a short caption that highlights expertise and explains the strategy behind the Tip. When possible, I will add an authority link, as well.


Watch Video For More Details

If you would like even more details on developing and using Caregiver Tips in a realiy-based marketing program, watch my video (4:30 ) on the topic.

Caregiver Tips Video


Extra Resource For Marketing Toolbox Clients

For Marketing Toolbox clients, there is a Caregiver Tips Checklist. Just click below, then type in your login and password:

Caregiver Tips Checklist


Let Our Services & Systems Increase Your Move-Ins & Clients

Many providers (large and small) say, “I can do that.” But then it doesn’t happen for a variety of reasons – lack of tools/systems, lack of time, not utilizing technology effectively, or they just run out of energy due to the demands of providing great care.

We know how to turn great care into very effective, efficient marketing and new move-ins. Would you like us to take an active role in developing your marketing strategy, adding consistency to your efforts and improving your census? Just give us a call at (888) 213-5026.

Marketing With Care website



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