True Stories Should Be A Part Of Senior Care Marketing


Communicate So That People Understand & Relate

I just recorded another phone interview with a client that will be added to photos to create website videos. Questions were sent ahead of time to help her organize her thoughts, but the primary rule was “no reading answers.” I was looking to chat and to hear stories. Why? Because the public doesn’t want to hear advertising voice and marketing spiels.

Marketing Senior Living

They want honest communication they can understand and relate to. Stories help the consumer (and referral sources) to understand, value, remember and tell others what you do. Stories provide a snapshot of reality, elicit emotion, identify problems, provide solutions and share similar experiences.

A family member searching for senior care who hears about someone else who is also worried about their loved one’s loneliness and inactivity will have a better feel for how you will help them. Their confidence and trust are elevated when they hear a true story of another family that includes:

  • How you helped a them to deal with the senior’s resistance to moving and made the transition period go as smoothly as possible for everyone.
  • How the new resident was resistant to activity at first, but now is involved in arts and crafts, the garden club and bingo.
  • The senior has made a number of friends who they chat with regularly.
  • Family time is now spent on positive relations instead of stress and worry.
  • The family is thrilled and are confident they have made the right decision.


Be Strategic & Organize Your History

Telling stories…sounds easy. Typically, stories are part of the oral history and used randomly by first line marketing staff. (When a non-marketing person represents the company or has to cover a tour, stories are much rarer. What I am talking about is having a strategic story at the ready to address concerns involving services and issues important to seniors and their families.

To maximize their power, convert these pieces of “caring” evidence into a physical (written, audio taped, video) history that is readily available to staff members – a STORYBOOK.

This is a strategic mixture of poignant and moving materials that provide verification of:

  • What you do & how you do it.
  • What motivates you to do what you do.
  • Why people like what you do.

Organize your stories in one place, relate them to services and associate them with care solutions and marketing advantages. This can help prevent what is commonly know as feature dumping, when a sales person just rattles off all the things they do.

Here is the first page of our “Library Of Stories” checklist as an example. (If you would like the complete six pages, just e-mail me at SteveSchmidt@Marketing

Storybook Checklist for Senior Living Marketing


Create A Mixture Of Contents For A Variety Of Uses

In addition to being an oral tool, stories can be incorporated into a physical marketing tool – a storybook.

Originally, pre-computer, a typical storybook was a 3-ring binder.  Nowadays, it should include your website and social network pages.  They all should contain an assortment of materials from a variety of sources.  Include anecdotes and memories; testimonial letters, endorsements and reviews; pictures and videos of all sorts (with captions); press coverage; independent articles and cartoons that make a specific point and/or support what you do; biographies (residents & staff); and collateral materials (yours & your allies).

There are many uses for a storybook. Outreach coordinators should share it with the community. Internal sales can use it to support their tours. Front desk staff can use it as an ice breaker or to set the stage for the marketing staff. The financial staff may use it as emotional support for loan requests. In addition, it can be a valuable tool for hiring and training a top notch staff.

So build and share your storybook.


Our Services & Systems Increase Your Move-Ins & Clients

Would you like help in building your storybook and making it a more valuable part of the senior care marketing and selling process?

Just give me a call at (888) 213-5026 to chat about any of our reality-based marketing programs that address your marketing frustrations, and increase your move-ins and new clients.

Or go to:


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