Effective Senior Living Marketing – It’s Right In Front Of You

Best Stuff Is Commonly Missing On Websites & Social Media

Happy residents, compassionate staff, stellar care and examples of expertise – that’s what attracts and sells. So why aren’t these marketing advantages more apparent on senior living websites?

Here are three common reasons:

  1. Not built into the marketing strategy
  2. Afraid it won’t look professional.
  3. Lack of systems to get real and new information on to website and social media.


But That’s What Senior Care Researchers/Shoppers Are Hoping To See


Seeing stock photos and the same model on many senior living websites saps trust.

When seniors and their family members are researching senior living, they certainly want to see a professional looking site that is easy to see, read and navigate. Those are easy to find.

However, these sites often leave the cold. Stock photos and real photos with no people.  There is industry jargon and/or they sound the same as all the competition.

What they are hoping for is “evidence” of what is actually taking place. Reality.  The truth.  They want to feel your compassion, learn from your expertise and trust that you can provide the care you promise.


Tell & Show The Truth…With Marketing Strategy

Yes, showing reality can appear unprofessional when done poorly. However, when done well, it attracts, is followed, is shared, builds trust and makes decision making easier.

We utilize Activity Scrapbooks, Caregiver Tips and a senior-issue content program. All of these highlight your expertise, care and compassion.   For instance:

  • Seeing a video clip of your staff members dancing with residents to live music or seeing 10 photos of a chair exercise class provides evidence that your residents are active and your staff understands their needs and limitations. (Client Activity Scrapbook)
  • Providing a Caregiver Tip (photos and explanation) on how to safely put in eye drops without wasting expensive medications demonstrates expertise. And conveying that painting fingernails boosts morale while providing the opportunity to bond shows compassion and empathy. (Client Caregiver Tips page)
  • Explaining the types of arthritis and how you address them with diet and exercise positions your understanding of issues important to seniors and their families.


If You Provide Great Care, Show It…It’s Good Marketing & It’s A Kind Thing To Do

We all know how difficult it is to make senior care decisions. I believe that reality-based marketing makes that process so much easier.

You stand out from the competition, all those who sound, look and feel the same. Seniors will see the possibilities and get to recognize familiar faces.  Family members will have a better understanding of needs and services.  Family caregivers will have more support when speaking with other decision-makers.

This is good marketing and leads to more people choosing your care. Just as important in my mind, it is a kind thing to do.  These people are typically in a touch spot.  Make it easier for them to make a confident decision that is in their best interest.


Our Services & Systems Increase Your Move-Ins & Clients

We can add an Activity Scrapbook, Caregiver Tips and senior-issue content to your website on a regular basis. This attracts, is followed, is shared, builds trust and makes decision making easier. And it updates family members, improves SEO and much more. Just give me a call at (888) 213-5026 to chat about our reality-based marketing programs that are consistent and have continuity.



Extra Links For “Senior Care Marketing Toolbox” Clients

For Toolbox clients, here are resource links that can help you to develop and repackage innovative services into a “new” niche. (Once you click on a link, just add your username and password.)

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