Strategy Magnifies Word-Of-Mouth Marketing In Senior Care


Are You Giving People Something To Talk About?

Word-of-mouth marketing is still the backbone of senior care marketing. So, if you are a care provider who wants people to talk about how great your care is, supply them with something worth talking about.

Logical. Yet, it’s amazing how many care providers are not doing this very well.

Why? Because they do not completely understand how people are talking and listening these days.  Photos, videos, e-mails, texts, reviews and testimonials, social network posts, following and sharing are all part of the word-of-mouth process of 2016/2017.


This Video Explains My Strategy For Driving Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

Click to watch this video that explains my basic strategy increasing and magnifying word-of-mouth marketing.


Go Beyond Using Technology, Add Strategy

I hope the video has convinced you that using technology is important. However, technology must be accompanied by sound strategy.  Photos of dining tables with food-less place settings do not drive word-of-mouth and will not be shared.  But side-by-side photos of seniors eating together, one with yummy plates of food, the other with satisfied diners with empty plates, tells a great story.  Add a caption that describes what was on the menu and offers a great recipe, and you now have something worth talking about, posting, sharing and following.


Activity Scrapbook & Caregiver Tips Are Naturals

We add an Activity Scrapbook and a Caregiver Tips page to our websites to drive the word-of-mouth process. They are naturals.  They provide “evidence” of passion, care, activity, service and expertise.  These are all critical things those in search of care look and listen for, and will share with others.


Other Strategies That Work, Too

People like to see “new” things you are doing, especially people who like you and will make referrals. If you cannot start something new like a sight impaired program, repackage existing services into new programs and spread the word.

Other strategies that get people talking are educating on senior-issues like recommended improving sleep, holiday gifts, the importance of hydration, etc.  Also, invitations to events and event recaps will be spoken about and shared.

Put a couple of my recommendations into action and your word-of-mouth marketing will improve.  And better word-of-mouth leads to more inquires and referrals, which leads to more tours/meetings, and which lead to more clients/move-ins.


Our Services & Systems Increase Your Move-Ins & Clients

Would you like us to take an active role in marketing efforts?  We have services and systems that magnify your word-of-mouth marketing, save you time, increase clients and revenue, and relieve stress. Just give us a call at (888) 213-5026.


Extra Links For “Senior Care Marketing Toolbox” Clients

For Toolbox clients, here are resource links that can help you to improve your word-of-mouth marketing program. (Once you click on a link, just add your username and password.)

Marketing Tip #77: Electrify The “Word-Of-Mouth” Marketing Of An Event Or Activity – Create A BUZZZZ

Simple, Effective Marketing System For Senior Care Providers

The Basics Of Building A Website That Is Also A Marketing System

Keep-In-Touch Guide & Checklist

Marketing Tip #95: Selfies & “Look At The Camera” Pics Are Fun, But Photos With More Marketing Power Are Better

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