Taking Photos With Marketing Value Is Easier Said Than Done?


Simple Strategy For Using Photos To Attract Seniors & Their Family Members

Our senior care content marketing plan is based on strategically providing evidence of great care.

The backbone of the system is for senior care providers to take photos and videos of their staff and client/residents in action. (Photo releases are required.)  Then we make this “evidence” of great care easy to find in internet searches, on their website and in their social networks.  And we use e-mail/texts to send links to this evidence to their three key lists:

  • Inquiries/prospects.
  • Clients/residents, their family members and your staff.
  • Professionals who serve seniors (potential referral sources).


The High Value Of Visual Content Marketing

I’m sure you have heard the expression “a picture is worth a thousand words.” In senior care, a simple picture can express many things including:

  • Samples of real life that build confidence and trust.
  • Emotions that include happiness, satisfaction and belonging.
  • Proof of care and expertise.
  • Compassion for seniors and their families.

In addition, people gravitate to visuals. So they are noticed quicker and more often than text.

Senior Care Website

Sample – senior care website using photos/videos to drive content marketing plan.



Taking Pictures Seems To Be Hard To Do…At The Right Time

Incorporating “real” photos into a marketing strategy sounds simple, especially with the availability of smartphones. But in reality, it seems to be difficult for many senior care providers to execute.  Here are some reasons why.

  • The day seldom goes as planned. The responsibilities of providing great care commonly get in the way of marketing efforts.
  • Staff members do not understand marketing value. So they pass up easy opportunities to take very valuable photos. For example, every day they assist with medications, an important service valued by family members. However, many staff member do not see the value of photos organizing and preparing meds, distributing meds, and the senior taking their meds.
  • Photo opportunities are not thought about in advance. And/or the camera is not ready when an opportunity arises.
  • Getting photos from cameras to websites and social network pages is a difficult process.


Photo/Video Content Marketing Is Too Good To Pass Up

The above obstacles are real, but they can be overcome.

I have found that strategy and planning go a long way into making the process easier and consistent. Care providers often resist, lots of excuses.  So frustrating.

This type of content marketing is inexpensive, far-reaching and so very effective. It’s worth fighting through the obstacles.  Once “useable” systems are in place, this can be easy do.  And the process can be fun.  Providers get to highlight services and staff that make them proud…and they brag about when face-to-face.

When I received a photo from a client (for their website Activity Scrapbook) of a dementia resident helping to fold the laundry, I was tickled. First of all, it said so much about their level of expertise, and their understanding of human nature and the illness.  Secondly, it told me they understand the high value of the everyday things they do.  Thirdly, they made my job easy.  Writing a caption is simple when a photo says so much.

And I know family members searching for dementia care will see that photo and breath a sigh of relief. Why?  Because are seeing evidence of great care, the kind of care they have been looking for.


Note: For our Senior Care Marketing Toolbox clients, our recent Marketing Tip #95 offers suggestions for adding marketing value to photos and organizing the process.  And I include a form to guide staff members in taking photos on a given day.


Services & Systems That Increase Your Clients & Move-Ins

Would you like us to take an active role in developing your marketing strategy, adding consistency to your efforts and improving your census? We have the services and systems. Just give us a call at (888) 213-5026.


Extra Links For “Senior Care Marketing Toolbox” Clients

For Toolbox clients, here are resource links that can help you to provide proof that you care and have a great staff. (Once you click on a link, just add your username and password.)


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