Many Senior Care Professionals Would Love To Have A Marketing Assistant


Often, Marketing Is Postponed Due To Lack Of Time

Many professionals in senior care tell me they don’t have the time do all the things they need to do to attract more clients and move-ins. If only they had some help with marketing.  But they don’t want to hire someone, even part-time.

Hiring means forms, scheduling, training, equipment, work space, etc.

Marketing senior care & assisted living

It’s common for those providing superb senior care to run out of day.


Suggestions For Completing Marketing Tasks

Here are some tips for adding efficiency to your marketing efforts.

  • Set a set time for “un-interruption” and let the staff know the rules. This will allow you to stay focused and get more marketing done in less time.
  • A good database will save you tons of time and help you manage your contacts and business relationships. This is a must.
  • Create systems that allow for efficiency. Incorporate the use of technology when you can – texts, e-mails, social networks, websites. Sometimes this will slow you down at first, but in the long run, it will pay off. You will be faster, be more consistent and expand your reach. Also, systems may create the opportunity to delegate to others who may not have the marketing experience, but have the time.
  • Use “reality” in your marketing. Let people see, hear and read your story. This cuts down on the amount of creative and typically takes less time. These are things you and your staff are already doing. Just take photos/videos and use your systems (tip above) to integrate this reality into your marketing efforts.

Another biggie. Don’t be afraid to subcontract. You really don’t have to do it all yourself. Of course, this is self-serving. However, our clients have found that subcontracting allows them to get the things done with required expertise, while controlling time and cost, and just as important, eliminating the need to hire.

Bonus (for Marketing Toolbox and Assisted Living Marketing Guild clients):  Here are a couple of links that expand on above suggestions – Database Checklist and 10 “Systems” That Keep Your Marketing Efforts Consistent


New Service Provides Expert Help Where & When Needed

If you are struggling to keep up with your marketing responsibilities, we have created a new service specifically for you – your Personal Marketing Assistant.

We are introducing this new, flexible service that is built around what each client needs. It includes strategy and planning, “senior-issue” content and positioning, internet presence and SEO (search engine optimization), keep-in-touch programs, and more.

Take a look at how you can get the help you want and need by clicking on:

Personal Marketing Assistant service

Or give us a call at (888) 213-5026.


If you have suggestions for adding efficiency into senior care marketing, I would love to hear them.  Please share with a comment.



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