Use National “____” Month To Highlight Your Senior Care Expertise


Supporting Respected Organizations Can Draw Attention To You

Nine months per year, respected organizations that deal with issues important to seniors (and their caregivers) claim it is their “national month.” May has five such claims.

These organizations are serving the target markets of senior care. They draw their attention and provide information, guidance and/or services.  At the same time, they earn or reinforce their respect.

Supporting these organizations and efforts is a valuable community service, first and foremost. It can also be strategic, effective, and even low cost marketing.


Borrow Their Recognition, Credibility & Reach

Promoting and/or being involved with a “national month” puts senior care providers in the shadow of these large, well-respected organizations. When you support their efforts to serve the public, basically, you are borrowing their recognition, credibility and reach.

It is easy for senior care providers to associate with or become involved with these organizations and events. Here are some things you can do:

National Osteoporosis Month

(Add links to your website and social networks.)

  • Promote the month on your website and social networks. (Some organization may even offer logos/graphics you can utilize.)  Include links to their websites and helpful content – videos, articles and available resources.
  • Provide a Caregiver Tip that ties into the expertise. For example, you can take a photo/video of staff taking a blood pressure and offer suggestions on how to properly monitor BP.  Add to your website and post that link on social networks.
  • Add photo/video to your Activity Scrapbook that shows client(s) doing exercises to strengthen bone density. Post that link on social networks.
  • Add topic related newsettes and links to articles to your website. Post these links on social networks.
  • Contact a local chapter of the organization to inquire how you can support their efforts or be involved with an event. Take photos/video of your involvement to include in your Activity Scrapbook and post on social networks.
  • Large facilities can offer to host events – blood pressure checks, awareness seminars, fund raisers. Be creative.  And take photos/videos to add to your website and post that link on social networks.
  • You, your staff, and even your residents can volunteer to help (in the public eye or behind the scenes). In addition to physically being at an event, you can provide home made foods and baked goods, create decorations, knit prizes for raffles.  Be creative.  Also, consider making the process part of your activity program.  And take photos/videos to add to your website and post that link on social networks.


Bonus – Can Drive Your Monthly Update & Contact Program

These “national weeks” also provide logical reasons to contact your three key lists: inquiries, clients/families/friends and professionals who serve seniors. And they often make it easier to add new content for your monthly website update and follow-up programs.  Government organizations typically allow you to use their content as it is public property (copyright info).

So I highly recommend incorporating “national weeks” into your marketing plan.  And I would love to hear about ways you have incorporated them into your efforts.

Note: June is National Safety Month…if you want to think ahead and strategize.


If You Need Content To Support “National Weeks”

Our “Senior Issues Awareness Program” provides newsettes that support all the senior issues mentioned above.  For example: Blood Pressure Basics, Stronger Bones Are Possible, Aging Is A Trend In America, What Exactly Is A Stroke?, Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA).

And you can publish them with your company logo.


Our Services & Systems Increase Your Move-Ins & Clients

Would you like us to take an active role in developing your marketing strategy, adding consistency to your efforts and improving your census? We have the services and systems. Just give us a call at (888) 213-5026.




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