Earn More Senior Care Referrals From Professionals & Families


Drive The Process

The selling process is made much easier when a trusted person recommends your services. This is especially true in all forms of senior care including assisted living, in home care, hospice care and dementia care.

Most care providers sit and wait (and hope) from referrals.  I feel you should drive the process.  Just read an article by Geoffrey James on SellingPower.com titled “Build Your Customer Base with Referrals” that gives some great pointers on doing so.  I especially like his Step 3: Ask for an action, not a contact.


Make It Easier To Rave About Your Care & Services

Senior Care Referral Development

Professionals Who Serve Seniors Do Make Referrals

If you want more referrals, make it easy to remember your care at the right time, and rave about it.  That means keeping key people informed, while at the same time providing them with tools to “naturally” promote your expertise, services, professionalism and compassion.

Your lists of referral sources should include:

  • Professionals who serve seniors
  • You current and past clients and their families.
  • Your staff, personal family and friends.


Timing – Don’t Wait Until You Are Desperate

Many in the senior care industry wait until they are in need to approach their referral sources.  Most of the times when professionals see them, the care providers are under pressure and have their hand out asking for residents/clients.  These providers are not exactly positioning their care and compassion. And they are certainly not developing a balanced relationship.

Often, this strategy gets responses such as “we don’t make referrals” or “we give out a list of providers.”  However, I have been told by professionals who care for seniors, when they have solid relationships based on respect and trust, they always find ways to recommend a favorite care provider.


Build A Pipeline Based On Communication That Serves & Informs

To build a referral pipeline that has a consistent flow, I suggest keeping-in-touch on a regular basis and sharing your expertise.  This “community service” keeps people aware of how well you care for seniors so you immediately come to mind when they see someone in need of care.  And it provides people (who already like you) with tools that make the referral process easy.

This marketing strategy also earns you the right to ask for referrals, while providing unforced opportunities to do so.  You will find this makes your referral sources much more responsive and productive.

(Our Community Contact Service shares your understanding of issues important to seniors and keeps in touch with referral sources.)


Our Services & Systems Increase Your Move-Ins & Clients

Would you like us to take an active role in developing your marketing strategy, adding consistency to your efforts and improving your census?  We have the services and systems. Just give us a call at (888) 213-5026.


Extra Links For “Assisted Living Marketing Guild” Clients

For Guild clients, here are resource links you can use to help you to build an effective content marketing system and increase your move-ins.

(Once you click on a link, just add your username and password.)

Potential Referral Source Checklist

Keep-In-Touch Basics

Keep-In-Touch Guide & Checklist




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