Keeping-In-Touch Is Critical In Senior Care Marketing


When choosing senior care, the decision-making process can be based on an immediate need and decision. “Please help us today.” Or it can take months (even years) for family members to reach the point when they can no longer provide the necessary care for a loved one.

In the latter situation, it is important to keep-in-touch with your prospects to:

  • Offer your genuine concern.
  • Build their trust in your services by sharing your expertise.
  • Make sure they remain aware that you are ready to help.

A successful keep-in-touch programs starts with accurate contact information.


Assisted living marketing tip

Senior Care Marketing Tip #94

“Encourage” Prospects To Provide Contact Information

A client recently expressed frustration in not acquiring the contact information he needed. Often people refuse, promise the details later, or even provide inaccurate information. That is if someone even asked for the information. For Guild service clients, I put together a four-step system to make the process easier. (Click on link below.)

New Marketing Tip:

Want Someone To Provide Contact Information, Give Them A Great Reason To Do So


Use A Good Database

I have also found that many in senior care struggle with keep-in-touch due to a lack of a database, or a database that is weak when it comes to marketing functions.

There are many databases and customer relationship management systems (CRM’s) out there. I have not tried them all. From a marketer’s perspective, I wish I could highly recommend just one.

The best typically huge packages and are just too pricey for small to medium size organizations.

Some are senior care specific. The one’s I have tried seem to include marketing modules as an afterthought. There are also a number of generic programs that you can modify for senior care use. I have tested a number of the inexpensive (some free) packages that are in the “cloud” –,, Act!.com,, and a few more. None are effective with all the things I hoped for – these include grouping contacts and creating lists and sub-lists, e-mailing and texting to groups, autodialing, merging data into templates to make them more personal, and layouts that organize information in a record format.

I have been using Goldmine software for more than 15 years and it does what I need for me, and for my clients. However, I use a very old version that is office-based, not on the web.



However, I have just discovered After watching a number of videos, I am very hopeful in its ability, and like it’s low price. Stay tuned on this one.


Enjoy The Process

Keep-in-touch has to be done. Often, marketing professionals see the process as a hassle. This is usually because the lack of the proper tools actually make it a hassle.

Instead, it should be a system that makes it easy to integrate with your daily efforts. It should make accurate contact information readily available so you can communicate in any method preferred by your contacts. It should provide natural reasons to reach out to those people in your database, such as highlighting a new activity, promoting the talent of an employee, and/or sharing your expertise with family caregivers.

In short, for the target contacts, I believe a keep-in-touch program should keep them informed. And for the marketing professional, it should be much simpler, evoke pride and be enjoyable.


Our Services & Systems Increase Your Move-Ins

Would you like us to take an active role in developing your marketing strategy, adding consistency to your efforts and improving your census? We have the services and systems. Just give us a call at (888) 213-5026.


Extra Links For “Assisted Living Marketing Guild” Clients

For Guild clients, here are resource links you can use to help you to diagnose marketing issues and build systems that increase your move-ins.

(Once you click on a link, just add your username and password.)

Database Requirements Checklist

Keep-In-Touch Basics

Keep-In-Touch Guide & Checklist




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