Excuses Lead To Low Senior Care Occupancy Rates


Marketing Should Not Be Done At “Your” Convenience

You have great facilities, a fabulous staff and provide superb senior care. Yet you struggle to find enough people to care for. Frustrating? Doesn’t make sense? Actually, it does if you are lacking in marketing – strategy, commitment, consistency and/or systems. When I pose this to care providers and clients, they typically come up with excuses.

Attracting seniors and their families to your care services demands that you be there when prospects are aware of a need and when they are ready to make a decision. Excuses and marketing-at-your-convenience is not a formula for success.

Assisted Living Marketing


There Are Lots Of Valid Excuses, But There Are No Good Excuses

Great senior care marketing programs are consistent. Even when the staff is not at work, their efforts and systems are reaching appropriate targets at the right time. On the other hand, I find many of those struggling with occupancy and a lack of new clients let valid excuses prevent them from doing what is necessary to attract new move-ins.

Just because an excuse has some validity does not mean it should be accepted as a reason to accept lower occupancy rates. Instead, take the necessary action to negate the reason for the excuse. Here are some examples of common excuses I hear.

  • Marie was out sick so our marketing person had to cover activities for three days.

In senior care, seniors have to be well cared for. That is a given. In this process, operational issues will always come up. It’s part of the biz.

However, to sacrifice marketing to provide care eventually leads to less people to care for. The solution is to put systems in place that are not affected by the daily responsibilities of providing great care. This often means farming out some of the marketing and incorporating technology.

  • I believe in word-of-mouth.

I agree, word-of-mouth is absolutely the best way to build a senior care business. Nothing like a good referral.

However, word-of-mouth is much more powerful when it is driven by a strategy that encourages referrals and makes it easier for people to talk about you. And remember, when a doctor or social worker refers someone to your care, before calling you, prospects will often go to the internet to learn more about you. So word-of-mouth needs a support system. In addition, the concept of word-of-mouth has to be expanded to fit our current research and communication environments. It now includes forwarding texts, e-mails, and website links; following on social networks; appearing on senior care listing websites; and appearing at the top of internet searches.

  • I don’t like technology…or I’m no good with computers.

Being very blunt, if technology and computers are not your things, hire someone who has the expertise.

Many of your target markets demand that you use technology to communicate. – business websites, e-mail, text messages, social media, listing websites and other technologies are methods of communication. Chose not to participate whole-heartedly and communicate on the terms of your target markets, and you lose residents/clients to those who do.

By the way, these methods of communication don’t replace word-of-mouth and face-to-face meetings. In fact, used properly and strategically, they often create and magnify the effects of word-of-mouth, and lead to more face-to-face meetings.


Senior Care Marketing

Turn A Negative Into A Positive

Don’t let any excuses, no matter how valid, get in the way of great marketing that will allow you to provide superior care to more seniors…and develop a waiting list for your services. Instead, use your excuses to diagnose marketing issues and come up with solutions. The winning formula will include:

  • A strategy that targets those in need of senior care.
  • Commitment to your marketing program of time, talent and/or money.
  • Consistency of your efforts so you reach appropriate targets at the right time.
  • Systems that build in all of the above, and allow marketing to attract more move-ins while you attend to the daily responsibilities of providing superior care.

Practice excuse-less marketing will lead to more If you have any questions on your specific issues, please post a question or give me a call.


Our Services & Systems Increase Your Move-Ins

Would you like us to take an active role in developing your marketing strategy, adding consistency to your efforts and improving your census? We have the services and systems. Just give us a call at (888) 213-5026.


Extra Links For “Assisted Living Marketing Guild” Clients

For Guild clients, here are resource links you can use to help you to diagnose marketing issues and build systems that increase your move-ins.




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