Confidence Can Lead To More Senior Care Sales/Move-Ins


Being Polite Or Being Hesitant?

There are quite a few assisted living and senior care sales/marketing professionals who have difficulty asking people to move into their facility.  They come up with “good” reasons not to pop the question that specifically asks for the sale?  For example:  “They don’t seem ready yet.”

Often, these type hesitations come from poor selling technique that leads to a lack of confidence in the process…and themselves.


Asking For The Sale Requires Conviction In Your Solution & Price

Of course these professionals like their company, think the facility is great and surely want to help seniors and their families.  So there is some level of confidence.  But it takes greater conviction to ask for the sale (and risk rejection).  You must be:

  • Confident that you have discovered the important issues of the potential resident and all the decision makers. And you have to believe that you can solve the problems these issues create.
  • Confident the services you offer will live up to the solutions you present and the promises you make. That means you must trust in the management, staff and care systems that are in place.
  • Confident that the fees you charge are fair and affordable. That means you must be certain of the value of your services to your current residents and your target audience.  Many also have to  overcome the fact that they could not afford their own facility.

To attain this level of confidence, it takes good communication, trust and training.  When you have this kind of confidence, selling is a consultative process and seen as a win-win process.  It becomes so much easier to ask for the sale.  Hey, you may even find that you can’t wait to ask people to move in.  (Timing is an issue for another day.)


Some Confidence Builders 

Here are some recommendations for building “selling” confidence.

  • Be ready for the routine questions. Have stories, website links and collateral materials ready to support what you say.
  • Listen for what is said and unsaid. Good listening skills help a sales professional to understand situations, diagnose problems and uncover the roles of decision makers.
  • Solve problems. Instead of making a sale, solve the problems of the prospect and their family.  This builds trust and creates solutions that you mutally believe in.  Do this, and the sale will be a natural result.

Senior care selling - confidence

Your First Customer Is…

To be successful in senior care sales, the first person who has to be sold is yourself (and your staff). The confidence that comes from believing in oneself and the services your staff is contagious. It leads to prospects who trust you and are confident in their decision to choose your care…increasing your move-ins.


Links For Assisted Living Marketing Guild Clients

For Guild clients, here are resource links you can use to help you increase your selling confidence and improve your selling process.

(Once you click on a link, just add your username and password.)


Our Services & Systems Increase Your Move-Ins

Would you like us to take an active role in improving your census? We have the services and systems. Just give us a call at (888) 213-5026.




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