For Senior Care Facilities Marketing In The New Year Should Start Immediately


Use The Holiday Fun To Launch Your Marketing Plan

I hope you had lots of fun during the holidays, and find yourself invigorated and recharged by the celebrations of the season. Now I suggest you utilize that holiday “buzz” to launch your marketing efforts in the New Year.

That means taking the holiday events, stories, photos and videos and putting them into strategic action that promotes your care and positions your expertise. Done well, it’s a kind and considerate thing to do, great marketing and a personal pleasure.

Here are the basics of the system.

  • Remember the fun: Upload holiday moments to your website.
  • Share the fun: E-mail those updates to your three key lists.
  • Thank people for the fun: E-mail and/or call those who helped make the holidays a success and provide evidence of the benefits created by their help.

This is a simple way to hit the new (marketing) year running, and relive the good times.


Turn Fun Into Value

The strategy is centered on the sharing of holiday stories, photos and videos. The key is to choose items of interest that also have a marketing value. This is a talent you can develop with practice. Here are some recommendations to guide you.

  • Include staff and family members in photos. They typically add “energy” to the scene. This promotes a positive atmosphere.
  • Show your residents being cared for within the premise of the holiday event. This can be as simple as a pat on the hand, being escorted to sit next to Santa, or allowed to unwrap a gift on their own.
  • Show families being together and enjoying one another’s company. This promotes family involvement.
  • Show guests and professionals (in action) who helped make holiday events a success. This gives you added reasons to contact these folks.

Also, don’t assume that people will notice the value. It is very important to CAPTION photos and videos to position value (as seen through the eyes of your target markets).


Early January Is A Critical Time

Right after the holiday is an important time for marketing senior care for two critical reasons.

  • Family members have just seen their loved ones and are more likely to be thinking about (and discussing) senior care.
  • There is less competition for the attention of your target markets. Mailboxes and e-mailboxes are less crowded in early January.

While much of your competition is recuperating from the holiday, you can be taking advantage of their typical post-holiday lull. And these strategic contacts can help your target markets place a high value on your communications that sets up a whole year’s worth of follow-up/keep-in-touch.


Links For Assisted Living Marketing Guild Clients

For Guild clients, here are resource links you can use to help you with your 2015 marketing plan.

(Once you click on a link, just add your username and password.)


Our Services & Systems Increase Your Move-Ins

Would you like us to take an active role in improving your census? We have the services and systems. Just give us a call at (888) 213-5026.




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