Marketing Should Flow From One Element To Another


One Event Can Have Perpetual Marketing Value

It is common in senior care for a marketing effort to be a one-shot deal. For example, having a table at a senior center Health Fair. Order promo items, grab your sign, set up your display, do your thing and then it’s over. The event is completed, time to move on.

I believe such an event provides the opportunity to integrate with other marketing elements. The added continuity and synergy make each element more powerful.

Here are a few things the Health Fair example can lead to.

  • Referral Source Development – Share your table (which you pay for) with a social worker or geriatric care manager. Include their info on dealing with transition. For extra credit, invite the visitors to the Fair to go to for more info and/or offer a moving checklist.
  • Advertising – Include in ads and mailings “come see us at the Health Fair” and offer a compelling reason why they should, such as information from a referral source on dealing with transition.
  • Add New Content To Your Website – Take photos/video and add it to the Activity Scrapbook page on your website. In your captions, you can even promote the referral source’s expertise and include a link to their website.

The integration makes the advertising and website more dynamic and credible, while building a solid relationship with a key referral source. And this one marketing effort can also flow into the contacting of your three key lists (keep-in-touch program), creating social network posts and press releases, and become a talking point at a “tour stop.”

With all this integration, the marketing value of this one community event can continue to be harvested perpetually.


Video For Assisted Living Marketing Guild Clients

I have put together a new “Interviews With Pros” video that expands on this strategy and provides more examples for integrating marketing efforts in senior care.



Would you like us to take an active role in improving your census? We have the services and systems. Just give us a call at (888) 213-5026.




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