Your Senior Care Target Markets Are Searching For “Content”


When was the last time you updated your website?

Hopefully, something new was added within the last two weeks. If not, your assisted living facility/home or senior care community is at a marketing disadvantage and it probably cost you move-ins…and new revenue.

Adding reality-based content (content marketing) reaches out to the target markets who want or need your help, talking their language in text, audio/video and photos.

New Content Is Very Important

  1. Search engines and visitors/followers expect (and even demand) new content.
    • Without new content, less people find your facility because it does not come up high in random searches.
    • For those who do go to your website, the site feels unattended and/or stale. Visitors want to see current information and reality…or less inquiries are made.
    • There is little incentive for previous website visitors to return to your site. Less inquiries are made and leads get cold.
  2. You probably do not have a good, logical and/or exciting reason to contact your three key lists – inquiries, family/friends, professionals who serve seniors.
    • Leads get cold, the buying and decision-making process can bog down, or stall completely.
    • You are not providing new promotional tools to those who already like your facility and want to promote your care.


Sales Process Progresses With The Help Of New and “Real” Information

Yes, some sales may progress from referral – to call – to tour – to decision…like in the old days. But in this tech-oriented world, many decisions are also affected by the website, e-mail, texting and social networks at some point in the buying/selling process. For example:

  • After a doctor makes a referral, family members often check for information on the internet – website, social network pages and senior care listing sites.  The better your content, the more likely a referral will turn into a call to set up a tour.
  • During a tour, visitors like to see things that attracted their attention on a website.  When both match, trust goes way up…and visa versa.
  • After a tour, a family members often wants to review the advantages of choosing your facility without the pressure of facing a salesperson.  (And they will e-mail and text information links about a facility they like to other decision makers.)
  • Families that are in the decision-making process crave information updates that build their trust and make their decision easier to make.
  • Professionals who serve seniors will include a good website when making a referral, especially if they know it is interesting, and/or they are mentioned on that site.

What Can You Possibly Add?

When adding new content, look to include things that your target markets would find interesting. Here are samples of new content that we add to our clients’ websites.  (You must have permission to include images and quotes of residents, family member, staff member, service providers, etc.)

  • Activity Scrapbook entries – Show how residents enjoy life, and interact with your staff and their family members.  (Date the entries.)
  • Caregiver Tips  –  Share and highlight the expertise of your staff, as well as service providers such as podiatrists, hair dressers, entertainers, etc.


  • Newsettes – 1 page, 1 topic newsletters that address issues important to seniors and their family members/caregivers. (We add them to websites, as well as send them out via US Mail – “Senior-Issue Awareness” Program & Community Contact Service.)
  • Links to interesting articles and websites that address issues important to seniors and their family members/caregivers. You not only provide valuable information, you share the credibility of the agency/expert who created the content.
  • Testimonial cards – Scan the actual card so that visitors get a sense of the effort and  emotion put into the card.


Let Curiosity Lead The Way & Have Some Fun

I believe that content should be inspired by curiosity. It’s important to look through the eyes of your target markets.  What are they interested in?

Often I start with something new I learned about senior and senior care. The target markets find these topics interesting as well.  So it is just a matter of taking an appropriate photo(s), creating a caption and having a easy system for uploading to the website.

For example, I read an article on how pets benefit seniors. Over time, that turned into a Scrapbook entry, a Caregiver Tip and a newsette.

One last thing. Try to inject some fun into the process wherever possible and appropriate.  Be creative when taking photos, make residents laugh in a video, show your pride in a staff member, use an exaggerated graphic.  It will make the new content much more interesting.  And when your target market sees (and feels) this, their trust will go way up.


We Create Content That Is Very Interesting To Seniors & Their Family Members

If you would like help building an easy to use content marketing system and supplying very interesting information, please call (888) 213-5026.



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