Senior Care Websites Can Be Much More Effective

Looks Good, But Not Interesting To Targets

Many senior care websites are an underutilized marketing tool. They are created with a “brochure” mentality.  Show and tell.  Often they are missing reality, emotion and most importantly, marketing strategy.

In addition, websites in senior care are typically static – little or no changes are made on a monthly basis.

So even though websites are attractive and professional, the lack of real content and marketing strategy makes the sites less interesting to visitors, and less interesting to search engines. Actually, I have found many websites are not even interesting to their own staffs.

Marketing Strategy Ingrained Into Every Page

Every page of a great website has a marketing strategy, even multiple strategies. One page can position your expertise, improve your search engine optimization (SEO) and drive your follow-up program…if the strategies are designed into the page.  That’s why we include a Caregiver Tips page on our websites.


New Resource For Our Assisted Living Marketing Guild Clients 

The latest resource added to our Guild service is a Marketing Fundamental that helps senior care providers strategize their website. It includes:

  • How to help website visitors create their own digital “tour.”  Yes, think tour, not brochure…and I’m not talking about taking a video camera from room to room.
  • Integrating your website into other marketing efforts – referral development, outreach/inreach, advertising, creating new handouts, social network posts and more.
  • What is necessary to make it easy to regularly update your website.


Being Effective In Today’s World

I have found that addressing these issues turns a website into a vibrant marketing tool that can be utilized effectively throughout the marketing and the selling processes.

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone at the senior center asked about your activity program and you popped up your website on your notepad and showed them a video of residents playing Wii bowling?  And the video is dated last week.  (Recency and history have marketing value –  And then you quickly send them the link in an e-mail so they could show their Executive Director later in the day.

This is how you utilize the marketing power of a great website.


Treat Them Like Guests/Visitors

One last very important guiding principle.   When people click on your website, they are coming to visit and to be informed.  So when designing your site, look to include many of the things you love to say and show when conducting face-to-face tours.  (If you don’t, face-to-face tours may not happen.)  If you are worried about not having something new to say when face-to-face. Don’t worry.  Internet visitors are coming to your facility for a tour because they already like what they have seen and heard.  Referring back to your website is a good thing and builds trust.


Links For Guild Clients

To view our newest marketing Fundamental – The Basics Of Building A Website That Is Also A Marketing System – and see more of my approach and recommendations, Guild service clients can just click on

And here are some other related links:


If you would like help turning your website into an effective marketing system, please call (888) 213-5026.



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