Add Strategy To “Time” Elements When Communicating With Target Markets

New Marketing Tip Added To Guild

Chatting with a number of facility operators and marketing staff recently, I realized that “time” and “experience” are often overlooked as strategic marketing tools.

Oh, most staff members are happy to boast that “we have been in business for…” as part of their marketing spiel. However, there are more subtle, but powerful ways to incorporate time into marketing face-to-face and in collateral materials/websites.

I have just added a new resource in our Assisted Living Marketing Guild service (Marketing Tip #91) that addresses the use of time and experience/history that include:

  • Dates.
  • Numbering.
  • Anniversaries.
  • Having a future.

These all utilize time elements to help prospects place more value on your care and services.

Guild clients can click to access this resource: Tip #91 – “Time” Can Be An Important Marketing Tool When Strategically Utilized that includes specific recommendations.



If you would like help implementing effective marketing systems, please call (888) 213-5026.




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