Vendors Should Be Marketing Assets

Put Your Vendors To Work For You

It is typical to be happy (and often, relieved) that a vendor who supplies a service to your senior care facility shows up on time and performs their contracted service. I believe you should ask more of these folks who have a vested interest in your success. I feel strongly that you should make them an important part of your marketing team.

Of course, you can’t expect this to happen without a strategy that keeps your vendors informed of what you do and how you care, and supplies them with the tools to make the promoting process easy for them.

New Guild Fundamental

The most recent Fundamental added to the 150+ resources of the Assisted Living Marketing Guild service provides some simple ways to build vendors into your marketing plan. Here’s a sample:

  • Include a newsette (or other form of valuable information) with your payments. This can help vendors better understand and value your senior care expertise.

When most office staff members send out checks to vendors, they don’t even consider the full marketing value of their action. (Oh, they probably realize that an on time payment positions you as professional and responsible.) The marketing staff should provide their peers with effective tools that turn their routine actions into effective information sharing communications that vendors value (and even look forward to), and want to share with the people they serve.


If you would like help implementing effective marketing systems, please call (888) 213-526.


For Assisted Living Marketing Guild Clients

Guild clients can access the complete Fundamental at:

Vendors Should Be Marketing Assets

Vendors Should Promote Your Care


Added Information For Guild Service Clients

For clients of our Assisted Living Marketing Guild service, the following links provide more details for some of the recommendations above.

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Easily Updating Your Website Activity Scrapbook

Keep-In-Touch Basics




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