Systems Lead To Greater Consistency

So Many Interruptions

You have your day planned out. and are ready to hit the ground running. Then you arrive at your facility and distractions, interruptions and crises force you to make adjustments. In many instances, marketing must be relegated to a lower priority. Residents and their families come first, and rightfully so.

To make sure marketing remains effective, it is important to have “systems” in place that complete marketing tasks, no matter what. And it is critical that these dependable systems are able to drive the marketing plan and staff efforts under adverse, as well as normal conditions.

“System” Is Not A Dirty Word describes the word system as a:

  •  set of detailed methods, procedures, and routines established or formulated to carry out a specific activity, perform a duty, or solve a problem.

Yes, this can mean boring, rote actions done by a mindless worker. On the other hand, well-thought-out systems can make a person more confident, and even nicer. They can be designed to build the trust of a buyer or compensate for a lack of marketing experience. They can add fun, and be designed to allow you to remain flexible and go with the flow.


Checklist & Recommendations

For Assisted Living Marketing Guild service clients, I have put together a checklist of 10 systems (some simple, some more complex) that are set up to have a marketing pay-off in assisted living.

 10 “Systems” That Help To Keep Your Marketing Efforts Consistent

It is critical to have marketing systems that always perform, no matter what is happening in a facility.

It is critical to have marketing systems that always perform, no matter what is happening in a facility.

 Here’s a sample – recommended system #8:

  • Support Tours With Evidence – Create at least four “Tour Stops” that provide strategic evidence, offer visual cues and lead to emotional stories. Each stop should be focused on a different theme – activities, expertise, personal care, events, fun, family involvement, independence, etc.
    • This is especially critical if you have staff members who help out, but are not really comfortable with doing tours.

Always Marketing, No Matter What

Done right, good systems allow you to market your facility consistently, no matter what. This can be a huge benefit in these trying times, and in this challenging, yet growing industry. While the competition is struggling to get through another day, your marketing program can purring along and increasing your number of move-ins.


If you would like help implementing effective marketing systems, please call (888) 213-526.


Added Information For Guild Service Clients

For clients of our Assisted Living Marketing Guild service, the following links provide more details for some of the recommendations above.

Website – Hub Of Marketing – Flowchart

Easily Updating Your Website Activity Scrapbook

Integrating Your Marketing Efforts 

Guild Checklists Available – 20+

Tour Stops




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