Send a Holiday Message That Also Positions Your Expertise

2004 Holiday Message For Assisted Living

2004 Holiday Message

To help our clients stand out during the holidays and position their expertise, we create a Holiday Message for them. It combines good wishes along with an understanding seniors and their perspective of the holidays, traditions and/or gifts.

We print the Holiday Message on a specialty paper to give it a higher perceived value and decrease the printing time. We have purchased these papers at Office Depot, Staples or on line. (We have used

In addition to the Message, we include a flyer of Gift Ideas For Seniors in the mailing. This is positioned as offering our client’s help to those struggling to find an appropriate gift for their senior loved one. It includes more than 40 suggestions in 8 categories.

For those who utilize our Assisted Living Marketing Guild service, I created a Handout To Print that shows the process and even provides text for you to use.

The Holiday Message and Gifts For Seniors can be U.S mailed to your 3 key lists – inquiries, family/friends, professionals who serve seniors. It can also be added to your website and then links can be included in e-mails (3 key lists), tweets and social networks. Note: When placing the Holiday Message on a website, we do not scan in the specialty paper due to copyright issues.


Other Holiday Marketing Resources From The Guild

For those who subscribe to our Assisted Living Marketing Guild service, here are links to 4 Tips, a Fundamental and a Checklist that you can use to prepare for the opportunities that lay ahead during the holidays. I would certainly suggest sharing them with staff members prior to hosting or attending holiday events.


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