Marketing Assisted Living During The Holidays

Some assisted living administrators and marketing directors have told me the holidays are a bad time for marketing. Of course it’s certainly not a good time in the cluttered world of advertising or direct mail. So I would cut back in these areas. However, how can the most social time of year be bad for marketing in an industry that is built on relationships and referrals? It’s marketing nirvana if you and your staff focus on using the holidays to start and nurture long-lasting relationships.

Strategically plan to use social, face-to-face encounters as opportunities to highlight strengths, demonstrate care, solve problems and personally serve. Whether inside or outside your community, focus on making sure everyone watching places value on these actions so you earn recognition and raves. Most important, create reasons (and make commitments) to do the same in the months to come. The holidays are the springboard into the new year. The goal is to create move-ins for the next 4 months and build/solidify your referral pipeline.

So you and your staff should plan to enjoy the holidays. Celebrate…with purpose! Reap the personal and business rewards long into the new year by having Happy Holidays.

For more suggestions, go to and SEARCH the word “holiday”.


One comment on “Marketing Assisted Living During The Holidays

  1. From my experience, the reason assisted living marketing directors find the Holiday Season to be less productive is because of a self-fulfilling prophecy. They feel the period will be slow so they reduce the intensity of the marketing effort and spend more time away from work. Low and behold – sales and move-ins suffer.

    I have found that Holidays can be an ideal time for marketing assisted living. Often, it is the one time of year when family get together and can either see for themselves how Mom and Dad are doing or discuss and research options.

    Also, many adult children have much more downtime during the Holidays than at other times of the year, especially the week right before New Year’s Day. They have the time to spend talking with you about the needs of their parents and the options that are available.

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